Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass -

It's about learning how to DANCE IN THE RAIN!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last week I had the privilidge of spending the day
with my sweet granddaughter.

She is at such a fun age.
Where her little mind goes a million miles in a minute.
And her attention span is so short.
We hopped from one activity to the next!!

First I made pancakes for Jaedyn and Selena for breakfast.
Jae got a little sticky, so while momma went to rest for a bit I gave Jae a bubble bath. When she was done she wanted a mani and pedi. And brought me the nail polish she picked out on her own.

Then we went outside and played on the slide and porch swing...
And played on the trampoline.... Of course the day wouldn't be complete with out some sidewalk chalk!!

I sure do love this sweet little girl!!!We then went in and had lunch
And took a nap...I think we both needed it!! <3

There is nothing sweeter than a new babe.
A sweet little spirit right from the Heavens above.
We are so very privileged to have come into our family:

Kaleb Harrison Patton
born on August 12, 2011.

In the short little while that he's been on earth,
he totally has his Nana wrapped.

love LoVe LOVE that baby boy!!! <3

Here are a *few* of my favorite pictures...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

CrAzY BuSy!!!

Life has been SO CrazY this's time to do an update!
My veggy garden and flower beds are feeling neglected. My yard looks pittiful. My house is in need of a major cleaning and I need some ME time. I would love to take a moment to go play in the pool with the kiddos, read a book, do some crafting, etc...etc...

it's ok that I haven't had time to do those things.
As I have been busy with other very worth while things. And other than spending more time with my kids and sweet grandbaby Jae, I wouldn't change a thing.

We celebrated Vic's parents 50th Anniversary with them
and pulled of a wonderful party that included friends and family from all over the US. Vic, Selena and I planned this party and took it 300 miles away to OKC. All of the family, both sides, siblings of Brenda and Roy, children and grandchildren and great granddaughter all made it to the party. with the Exception of one grandson and one grandaughter. Josh is in Cuba serving our country, and Brittany who lives in Idaho, expecting a baby too close to her due date to travel. We missed both of these kids, but we know their thoughts and hearts were with their grandparents. And they would have been there if the circustances were different.

Mom and Dad
Eric, Traci, and Vic

Vic giving a book to Mom and Dad
that covers and honors more than 50 years

Mom and Dad through the years

Selena made this awesome cake!!

Mom and Dad greeting life long friends.

We all had a great time visiting with family
and friends that we hadn't seen in years!!

The other thing that kept me so busy this summer is Girls Camp.
I'm the stake 4th year camp leader-and boy-o-boy that's a BIG job!!
But I LOVE every second of it!!

The 4th year girls (20 of them this year) go on a high adventure of sorts for a whole week. We go canoeing (didn't get pictures of that-boo!), we go caving, swim, crafting, games, we do a service project for the community that is close by. (This year we worked at a food bank. We worked in their gardens and cleaned a new warehouse they're building to expand the food bank.) We sleep in tents, and cook over open fire. We sing songs. We star gaze and just plain act silly.

This year it was SO hot, reaching the 100's all week!! And we weatherd a huge rain storm which dropped 3 inches of rain on us during the night. 2 of the 4 girls tents collapsed, the girls (10 of them) joined us leaders for about and hour and a half. When the lightening stopped, we put them on the bus to sleep through the rest of the night.The next morning this is what we faced....

It was great fun!! The girls worked so hard to get everything dried up and they even smiled, laughed and sang through it all!! What GREAT young women we have!!

Some Crafting time...

One of the two groups that went caving....

Definately a memory making week!!

So yes
a CrAzY BuSy Summer
But, I'd do it all over again.
It's so good to look back and see what I've accomplished.
Now off to other adventures....
Next week I'll post some pictures of the High Adventure that Vic and Cody went to this week...The Apostle Islands on Lake Superior

off to Rexburg to meet my yet unborn grandson...Kaleb!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Louella Mae Brunner

This week my thoughts have been especially full
of gratitude and love for my Mom.
Today is Mothers Day.

I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father sent me to her loving arms.
She truely is an ANGEL.
My Mom is the GrEaTeSt example of Love, Kindness, and Compassion
She was always right there ready to render whatever service she could offer.
And ALWAYS with a smile on her face! She loved everyone!
My Mom bore 5 beautiful children Donna, Debbie, Bobbie, Rich and Me (Lori)
She was a woman of STRENGTH.
Debbie and Bobbie returned to our Father in Heaven after a short time here on earth,
sadly within just a couple of months of each other.
Debbie was 2 yrs old and Bobbie was 5 months old.
How in the world she got through it, I'll never know.
She was and IS an AMAZING woman!!
Then many years later, she nursed my Dad through cancer for over 10 years.
Not complaining once. She knew what needed to be done and did it!
She is my HERO and my IDOL.
I hope to be half as good as she was/is one day!

I miss her Oh SO MUCH!!
I am grateful that I have the knowledge that she still lives!!
Maybe not in this world at this time,
BUT she still LIVES nevertheless!!
And I know I will be able to HUG HER and tell her that I LOVE HER once again!!

We will be together FOREVER and I'm so THANKFUL for that!!


Monday, April 4, 2011


I LOVE being a "Nana"!! My babies have babies!! unBELIEVABLE!! My girls are such wonderful loving mommies!! Am I surprised?? Not at all... They are wonderful loving individuals!! I'm SO proud of them!! Selena's baby Jaedyn Marie Hargrove 1 year old
Brittany's baby Kaleb Harrison Patton Arriving abt. August 11, 2011 Aren't they SO BeAuTiFuL !!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The other day I was sitting in Sacrament at church
and Cody was next to me. He reached for my hand and held it.
First of all,
that melted my heart!!
As we were holding hands,
I noticed how they were beginning to take the form of a mans hand.
Then memories flooded my mind of when he was born.
I remember looking at his tiny little hands
and thinking of how small they were,
and yet SO different from his sisters hands.
Boys and girls are so different from the 'get-go'
It's truely amazing!!
Dakota Ryan {aka Cody} was born January 24th 1996
He was my smallest of my 5 children.
7lb 4oz
But now...he is by far the tallest.

Cody is my only son, he has 4 sisters.
He 'kinda' has a special spot in my heart...being the only boy.
He is so tender and loving with me,
but...with his sisters...thats a different story...most of the time
He can be SO onry!!!
But he can be so sweet when he wants to !!!

I'm so proud of my Cody
He honors his priesthood,
He is a hard worker, and helps out when ever he sees the need.
When we had the big 12+ inch snow fall a few weeks ago
he not only shoveled our drive but went to the neighbors house and helped them.
We hadn't even met these neighbors yet, Cody reprsesnted our family well!!
Then he went with his cousin and the missionaries to shovel several other drives.
He has such a willing heart, he loves to serve
and he steps up to the plate when needed.

Cody loves playing with little kids.
I know he will be an amazing father one day!!
And a wonderful husband!!
My "little" boy is growing into an awesome Young Man!!
Did I mention...I'm SO proud of him!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011



We're SO excited that KC is getting a Temple!!!
(pictures taken Jan 5th, 2011)