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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Louella Mae Brunner

This week my thoughts have been especially full
of gratitude and love for my Mom.
Today is Mothers Day.

I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father sent me to her loving arms.
She truely is an ANGEL.
My Mom is the GrEaTeSt example of Love, Kindness, and Compassion
She was always right there ready to render whatever service she could offer.
And ALWAYS with a smile on her face! She loved everyone!
My Mom bore 5 beautiful children Donna, Debbie, Bobbie, Rich and Me (Lori)
She was a woman of STRENGTH.
Debbie and Bobbie returned to our Father in Heaven after a short time here on earth,
sadly within just a couple of months of each other.
Debbie was 2 yrs old and Bobbie was 5 months old.
How in the world she got through it, I'll never know.
She was and IS an AMAZING woman!!
Then many years later, she nursed my Dad through cancer for over 10 years.
Not complaining once. She knew what needed to be done and did it!
She is my HERO and my IDOL.
I hope to be half as good as she was/is one day!

I miss her Oh SO MUCH!!
I am grateful that I have the knowledge that she still lives!!
Maybe not in this world at this time,
BUT she still LIVES nevertheless!!
And I know I will be able to HUG HER and tell her that I LOVE HER once again!!

We will be together FOREVER and I'm so THANKFUL for that!!


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