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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The other day I was sitting in Sacrament at church
and Cody was next to me. He reached for my hand and held it.
First of all,
that melted my heart!!
As we were holding hands,
I noticed how they were beginning to take the form of a mans hand.
Then memories flooded my mind of when he was born.
I remember looking at his tiny little hands
and thinking of how small they were,
and yet SO different from his sisters hands.
Boys and girls are so different from the 'get-go'
It's truely amazing!!
Dakota Ryan {aka Cody} was born January 24th 1996
He was my smallest of my 5 children.
7lb 4oz
But now...he is by far the tallest.

Cody is my only son, he has 4 sisters.
He 'kinda' has a special spot in my heart...being the only boy.
He is so tender and loving with me,
but...with his sisters...thats a different story...most of the time
He can be SO onry!!!
But he can be so sweet when he wants to !!!

I'm so proud of my Cody
He honors his priesthood,
He is a hard worker, and helps out when ever he sees the need.
When we had the big 12+ inch snow fall a few weeks ago
he not only shoveled our drive but went to the neighbors house and helped them.
We hadn't even met these neighbors yet, Cody reprsesnted our family well!!
Then he went with his cousin and the missionaries to shovel several other drives.
He has such a willing heart, he loves to serve
and he steps up to the plate when needed.

Cody loves playing with little kids.
I know he will be an amazing father one day!!
And a wonderful husband!!
My "little" boy is growing into an awesome Young Man!!
Did I mention...I'm SO proud of him!!


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