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Monday, October 11, 2010


I LOVE mowing- CRAZY I know!!

Mowing really is such a mindless task-
all you have to do is cut in even straight lines.
Our rider died on us last year so we have to push mow our 1.8 acres.
It takes about 4 hours to complete the task.

Why would I love THAT??

Because it's therapy for me.
It's uninterupted time for me to think about
and ponder lifes BIG mysteries.
(The kids won't bother you
in fear of being asked to take over the project)

This past Saturday I had one of those opportunities
to have my therapy time.
As I was mowing
I was thinking about the confernce talks from the week before.
What a wonderful blessing
it is to listen to and recieve council
from living Prophets and Apostles!!
The talk I was thinking about in particular this day
was a talk from President Monson about judging others.

I've always been one that forgiveness comes easily for me.
And I truely try not to judge others
because I know I'm FAR from perfect
and I don't want others to pre-judge me.
We never know what another person really is going through,
not even our closest/bestest friends...
mine being my Amazing Husband,
we don't really KNOW-so we can't judge.

So WHY did this talk pop into my head?
I guess Heavenly Father knew I had a lesson to learn!!

Well...I ALMOST always forgive.
You mess with my family-you mess with me!!

I didn't "think" I was judging this particular person,
and I didn't "feel" outward anger toward this particular person,
but...I must have...unconsiously.
Because a particular situation popped into my mind.
And I listened and learned from the Spirit.

What did I learn?
That sometimes we can't control the bad things
that happen in our lives.
That we can't control how we are raised.
And that we ALL want and NEED to be loved and accepted...
and NOT judged
(especially for those things we are not in control of).

So I plead for forgiveness. (From this particular person),
and you don't even know who you are-but I do.
I don't judge you for your past-but for your present
which is caused by your uncontrolled past.
But...I judge No More!

So now that I've been taught,
I will work on loving you and accepting you for who you are...
A Child of God.

Mowing truely IS theraputic!!
I'm thankful for being taught this lesson!!

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