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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life can be Crazy busy at times!!
These past two months in a nut-shell:

Planning a Wedding
On June 18th Adam asked Brittany to be his wife. The date was set for August 20th, 2010.
That gave us 2 months to plan, over the phone no less, since she lives in Idaho. So there were many phone calls and emails going over the wire. She did a great job planning and letting us know her hearts desire.

We were truly blessed in the financial aspect concerning Brittany's wedding. We had great friends helping us out with the cake and pictures. Decorations were all bought at either 50% off or we borrowed items from friends and family. Brittany bought her dress from a great website. The dress was custom made, and only cost $197 plus sh&h. A friend of B & A took the pictures for the announcements, so the bulk of the announcement costs were the stamps-they were more than the announcements themselves!! Every time we turned around there were more blessings coming. Even during their honeymoon, the Hotel upgraded their room, at no extra costs when they found out that B & A just got married!!

A Beautiful Event
Brittany and Adam chose to be married for all Time and Eternity in the Nauvoo Illinois Temple. The temple overlooks the Mississippi River, and the view was breathtaking as you stepped out of the temple. Brittany makes a beautiful bride!! Her dress was beautiful, her hair was done beautifully by a dear friend, Kim Moss, and her flowers, roses and lilies, were beautiful. Her colors were crimson red and white with a touch of black. Adam makes a handsome groom, he wore a black tux with a crimson rose boutonniere. They truly look good together!!

The reception was the next evening in our backyard, lights lined the patio with red and white oriental lanterns hanging off of them. Music played in the background. We had a dance at the reception, starting out with B & A doing a Salsa Dance, as that was one of their favorite dates while they were dating. We had two long white canopies with tables topped with flowers and tea lights. The arbor was lined with lights and toole. The refreshments were wedding cake and strawberry cooler punch, and fruit platters with a chocolate fountain. Simple but nice.
It truly was a lovely evening!!

Other events during the summer
Vic and the YM leaders took Cody and the young men from our church on a High Adventure to Colorado to do some whitewater rafting. They had an awesome time!! They rafted for two days, down the Royal Gorge, and did some site seeing another day.

We stayed extra busy with our garden this summer. We doubled the size this year so we can do some canning. We have/had onions, beets, radishes, lettuce, spinach, 4 type of peppers, cucumbers, corn, green beans, cantaloupe, okra, and 14 tomato plants.

All three kids, Amber, Cody and Shelby participated in the community parades this summer. Edgerton had 'Frontier Days' in June and Amber and Cody were in the band. Then in the beginning of August, Gardner sponsers the County Fair, and they had a parade. Again Amber and Cody played in the band, and Shelby is a cheerleader this fall for her middle school, so she too was in the parade. It was fun seeing them all participate, but really wierd to go to a parade without children tagging along!!!

We lost our beloved Molly to the extreme heat this summer. We are still so sad. She was our sweet little dog of 4 years. Our pets become human-like and are totally a part of the family.

We also found 3 kittens under our porch in June. One of them was so sick, we tried to bottle feed it and help it survive, but it didn't make it. The other two were nice and healthy. It's fun watching them explore and play. We are guessing they are probably about 8 or 9 weeks now. We found a home for one, and still looking for another home for the last one.

We try to spend as much time as we can with our sweet little granddaughter Jaedyn. She is the joy of our life. There's nothing like being a 'Nana & Pappy'!!!!

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